Conference Sessions

Using Tiny Houses to Teach Architectural Design

This workshop will explore the area of tiny houses as an avenue to teach architectural design, and being able to do it without an architectural CAD program, or, if necessary, without even a computer or drafting instruments (although, of course those items enhance the program). Handouts will be available to make it simple for you to launch right into the lesson with your own classes if you desire. The unit can be used with either middle or high school students.

Bruce Wheeler

Bruce Wheeler taught industrial arts and technical/engineering education for 45 years in the public schools of Malaysia, Connecticut and New Hampshire. Most recently he taught at Newfound Regional High School in Bristol, New Hampshire.


This workshop will demonstrate sign making using the SIGN PRO 1212.

This is a great activity for any Tech Ed class especially Woodworking.

Students of all abilities can use it.

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to make a sign.

Ken Bertrand, Milton High School Milton, MA

Aviation Career Education (ACE) Academy

Teachers will discover a number of agencies and organizations that will help leverage resources to develop a program that will help increase STEM opportunities and achievement in STEM subjects.

Dan Caron, Bedford High School Bedford, NH

Precision Measuring – The Everlasting Skillset

This workshop explores a case study on a recent project where businesses, certification developers, and educators collided to advance technical skills of precision measuring.

Mike Butler, Product Manager Starrett Tools Athol, MA

CNC machining from a STL file

Want your students to be able to make prototypes from non-propriety materials like acrylic, wood, Teflon, etc. but think CNC machining is too complicated? Guess again! 3D Machining can be as simple as exporting an STL file from your CAD software. Join us to learn how the latest hardware and software technologies have made prototyping easy, allowing more students to experience 3D machining, subtractive rapid prototyping, engraving, and PC board milling. You’ll see how Roland’s equipment expedites students’ learning curve and allows them to apply their knowledge toward the design and production of real-world products.

Technology Education Concepts

David Ciolfi

Laser Engraving

Summary: When thinking about using the laser engraver to teach STEM, it is important for the teacher to focus on concepts that cross academic boundaries. Projects and activities increase student motivation when completing a hands-on activity; and curriculum promotes mathematical thinking, demonstrates engineering & scientific principles, and promotes pedagogical strategies of language arts and art classes. Speaker will demonstrate the design and manufacture of a part.

Educational Stem Solutions

Jennifer Larochelle